Book Review: Max’s Words

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Max’s Words

by Kate Banks, illustrated by Boris Kulikov

Ages 6-8, 32 pages

Everybody has some fascination with collecting items. Max’s brother, Benjamin, collects stamps of everything but won’t let Max have a stamp. Max’s brother, Karl, collects coins from different countries but won’t let Max have a coin. Of course, Max now desires to collect something and finally decides to collect words. Yes, he collects all sorts of words from books, newspapers, and magazines. He collects small words, feel good words, animal words, things to eat words, words that speak to him, and even unknown words from the dictionary. (I’m not suggesting children destroy books.) Well, Benjamin and Karl can only put their stamps and coins into piles or stacks. However, Max’s word collection forms sentences and stories. Of course, his brothers don’t believe him so Max begins a story with his many words. His brothers see the story and help Max. Max’s Words was a delightful read, because the words really do appear cut out and the illustrations show Max’s story come alive.