Wordless Picture Book: Zoom

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Written & Illustrated by Istvan Banyai 
Published  by Puffin on March 1, 1995
Ages: 5+
64 pages 


Zoom was my first wordless picture book experience that got me excited to read more. Each page in the book ‘zooms’ out into a bigger picture. You really don’t know what’s going to be the next zoom. I provided the first three pages that hopefully catch your interest and you’ll want to know the last zoom. I stated that the book is ages 5 and up, but really any age can enjoy these bright colors. It’s a great wordless book to use for teaching predictions, since you really need to guess what the next ‘zoom’ will be. Don’t worry, the first three pictures don’t destroy the wonder of this wordless picture book.







Wordless Picture Books

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People normally associate picture books with well, pictures. There doesn’t have to be any text to understand the book. A picture truly can be worth a thousand words. Wordless picture books can be used in many ways. I’m going to review completely wordless picture books about twice a month.

Here are some elements that can be used with wordless picture books. Of course, many of these elements can be used with any book.

  1. Sparks imagination. 
  2. Understand basic story structure (beginning, middle, end)
  3. Increases & enhances vocabulary that isn’t on the page.
  4. Mixed reading levels and ages are on a level playing field.
  5. Make story predictions through the illustrations.
  6. Create dialog between characters on the same page.
  7. Examine the character’s actions and traits.
  8. Promotes creativity.
  9. Encourages interaction with the book.
  10. It’s fun to read!