Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

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This week’s photo challenge is simple. A winter blast hit the Pacific Northwest earlier this week. I live about forty minutes south of Seattle, so whenever snow is on the forecast that’s all they talk about. Here are some simple black and white photos with snow and ice. True the whole process of water into ice is complex, but I wanted to share.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

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I haven’t posted a weekly photo challenge for a few weeks, since I’ve been busy with the holidays but I’ve found winter photos. I’ve already posted a few of these, but I still enjoy them. Bundle up and stay warm.

Here is frost on my car window on a cold winter morning.


Book Review: When Winter Comes

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When Winter Comes

by Nancy Van Laan, illustrated by Susan Gaber

Ages 4-6, 40 pages

When the winter comes many changes occur in nature. There is a common question on each page then it is answered. Where oh where do the leaves all go when winter comes and the cold winds blow? The leaves go tumble tumbling down. The book describes the changes with leaves, flowers, caterpillars, songbirds, field mice, deer, fish, and finally the small child. The pictures are beautiful as they capture nature’s changes. When Winter Comes can be used while studying animals and explain what occurs when the weather becomes cold.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Lauren Stringer

Ages 6-9, 40 pages

There are many different types of snow. Snow can be barely a whisper that lightly falls or snow can be heavy as it thickly covers everything. Snow is a lovely book that describes the types of snow and activities that occur. There’s certain snows that cancel school and we enjoy warm inside. Children and those young at heart love snow best and the snow welcomes them with snow angels and snowmen. The book ends that eventually the snow melts and we have the memories.

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

by Lucille Colandro, illustrated by Jared Lee

Ages 5-7, 30 pages


This book is another version of the ‘There was an old lady…” I wrote another post about a lady who ate a pumpkin pie. I think these books are very humorous and readers always beg to hear it again. In this version a lady begins swallowing some snow, a pipe to warm her toes, some coal, and it continues. Here is the last line: ‘I don’t know why she swallowed some snow. Perhaps you know.’  The readers can guess about what she may swallow next and what happens with all the items. Lucille Colandro wrote other ‘I Know an Old Lady…’ books, so there’s more fun if you enjoyed this book.


Winter is the Warmest Season

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Winter is the Warmest Season 

written and illustrated by Lauren Stringer

Ages 5 – 8, 40 pages

Realistic Fiction, Seasons

I bet you thought summer was the warmest season with hot sunshine days, but I’ll let you know that winter is actually the warmest season. Think of all you do to keep warm and toasty during the cold months. Winter is the Warmest Season is a delightful book with vibrant colors that show many warm activities during winter. We now drink hot cocoa and soup, instead of cold juice in the summer. In the winter, we light fires and turn on heaters, instead of fans in the summer. We bundle up in coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. Our beds are warm with blankets, perhaps even an electric blanket. Even animals snuggle warm on laps, near the fire, or upon comfortable beds. There’s nothing better than staying warm while reading a great book. In fact, I think books are even better when we’re all snuggled.