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Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

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I look forward to the weekly photo challenge. This week I had a difficult time deciding which beautiful flowers to post.I tried picking unique flowers. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of these flowers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

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Okay, I know this may be cheating but I couldn’t decide which photo to include for this week’s photo challenge. Each photo was taken during my trip to China five years ago. I’ve only ‘entered’ through one.

A church entrance that I thought was pretty in Shenyang, China.

Perhaps this photo isn’t exactly an entrance, since it’s clearly locked and guarded. This is the only entrance that I’ve entered during legal hours of course. I taught English through these doors.

Finally, here is an entrance that is wide open. I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t remember where this photo was taken except that it was a ruin in Shenyang, China. Even though it’s wide open, the public wasn’t encouraged to enter.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

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Mountain range in Alaska