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Book Review: A Dog’s Journey

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A Dog’s Journey 

Written by W. Bruce Cameron
Published: May 8, 2012
Genre/Topics: Adult Fiction, Humorous, Animal Life
336 pages 

A Dog’s Journey is a direct sequel from A Dog’s Purpose that is written by the same author. You can read A Dog’s Journey first, but I suggest it adds more information and emotion if you read A Dog’s Purpose first. The book is entirely written from the dog’s viewpoint, so it’s often very humorous about why dogs behave a certain way. I won’t lie there are sad moments in the book that honestly made me cry, but there are many joyous moments as well. Here are some quotes from the dog that may make you wonder what exactly your dog is thinking, but it doesn’t wreck the story. ‘As far as I was concerned, having cookies so tantalizingly close to my nose without being given a treat of any kind was the big tragedy of the day’. ‘He would tell me to sit and then give me a wonderful treat, even though Sit was the easiest of tricks for a dog’. ‘It cannot be a dog’s purpose to understand what people want because it is impossible’. And I think this is the best quote: ‘I didn’t trust people who didn’t like dogs’. In this story, the dog protects a girl who often struggles in her life. The dog is always present and attempts to help whenever possible. Personally, I preferred A Dog’s Purpose but I enjoyed both. You’ll wonder what your dog is thinking and appreciate them even more.

Book Review: A Dog’s Purpose

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A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Fiction, 320 pages

I realize this isn’t a children’s book, but I absolutely loved it. I’ve already read this book twice within a year, so that shows how much I enjoyed reading it. The entire book is from the dog’s perspective and it’s done very well. You visualize the dog’s whole life from the time in the pound, why there’s a cone around his head from the metal room (vet), and most important the relationship with his owner. The dog constantly tries to seek his ‘purpose’ to help his owner. A Dog’s Purpose made me laugh and cry numerous times. Some people may be hesitant to read this book in fear whether the dog dies, but I guarantee that this book will uplift you and you’ll wonder what your own dog’s purpose in life is and what they’re thinking. I recommend this book to all dog owners and animal lovers.

opening page:

One day it occurred to me that the warm, squeaky, smelly things squirming around next to me were my brothers and sister. I was very disappointed.

I thought I’d include another photo of my dog, George.