Breaking Dawn Invitation

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I knew the day would come that sooner or later I’d post about the Twilight series. Let me start by saying that I’m not a ‘Twihard’. Yes, I’m a fan of the ‘other’ group that’s too often compared with Twilight which is the Harry Potter group. The difference between the two is another post. However, those Twihards should know that I read the entire series. As a teacher, I’m glad I did since a third grader really shouldn’t be reading the final book. However, I’m not going to forbid a student from reading it.

I’m a fan of fandango, which is a movie website that provides movie information, previews, and movie sale tickets. I buy most of my tickets through fandango, since I can print the tickets at home. Well, I opened my email and saw a fandango invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding. I suppose if you’re a Twihard this is exciting news, but I thought it was a little humorous. Yes, that’s exactly my type of wedding. I love a wedding where the bride agrees to marriage in exchange for more intimacy and to become a vampire. That could be a fun first kiss as husband and wife. (Yes, I know the bite doesn’t occur then.) Perhaps Jacob will attend and object to the marriage between a senior citizen vampire that sparkles and a girl who dreams to have ‘fangs’. I wonder if there will even be wedding cake, since vampires don’t eat. Oh, I forgot they’re ‘vegetarians’. Of course, one line they’ll have to change: ‘As long as you both shall live‘. Hmm, there may be a problem if both will soon be dead. So, I guess until another gorgeous vampire that sparkles more than Edward flashes near they are stuck with each other. Can you imagine divorce court between vampires? Drama is good, so I need to decide how to check my response card to attend or not.

Click on the invitation and it will take you to Twilight’s homepage on fandango. If you’re a Twihard this is old news.