Serendipity Bookstore Experience

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Ah, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a wonderful bookstore. The books surrounding me always make me feel comfortable and put a smile on my face. Now I enjoy any bookstore, but my favorites are independent and used bookstores.

I recently went on a trip to Friday Harbor in San Juan Islands. I examined the tourist map and discovered a bookstore named Serendipity Used Bookstore. The name perfectly suits the place. I walked inside to find book shelves, welcoming chairs, a small fireplace, and a book smell. The last perfect touch was the owner, a cute British woman. She didn’t bother me, but let me wander the heavenly books at Serendipity Used Bookstore. It was a pure delight to spend time in a bookstore while on vacation.



Book Review: Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman

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eight daysEighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World

Written by Matthew Goodman 
Published by Ballantine Books on February 19th 2013
Genre/Topics: Nonfiction, Travel, Journalism
480 pages

Three Word Review: Adventure, Exploration, Fun

Imagine that it is 1889, and your only transportation was by steamship or railroad. Two women, Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, embarked on a travel journey around the world to hopefully beat Jules Verne‘s fiction story Around the World in Eighty Days. Both women were journalists who constantly fought through gender barriers to write stories beyond social  etiquette and fashion. Nellie Bly was a reporter at the World newspaper who left New York City on November 14, 1889, travelling east by steamship. Bly suggested this news story, but it took a year before her editor believed it would promote the magazine and put it into action. Elizabeth Bisland was a reporter at  The Cosmopolitan magazine that wanted to challenge the World and sent her traveling west by train. The race had begun, but Bly didn’t even realize it was a race until she was in Asia, and someone stated she was going to lose. Both women were different and their travels reflect. Bly carried only one luggage that she could easily carry, whereas Bisland took several. Along their journeys they encountered numerous troubles and discoveries while proving that women indeed can travel without an escort. Throughout the book, the reader also learns brief information about transportation and journalism. Will they beat Jules Verne’s story of travelling the world in eighty days and who will win the race?

I thought Eighty Days was a fun adventure about a subject in American history. In today’s society we can easily travel almost anywhere in the world in a few days. I think it would be quite an experience to travel without modern transportation and technology, yes even without cell phones. It would be a thrill to receive the news simply by a postcard or telegram. (I researched and telegrams still exist.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

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This week’s photo challenge is movement. I struggled with this topic at first, since anyone can take a photo of a fast-moving car or person running. I looked back to my photo collection and picked photos from my Alaskan trip. Movement can be fast, sudden, or relatively slow. I took these photos near Glacier Bay National Park (I think.) and the highlight was watching chunks of the glacier fall into the water while on the cruise ship. We didn’t know when the splash would happen, but it was exciting.

A lone boat slowly moving through the water with ice pieces.
A bird flies through the air.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

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Here is the first weekly photo challenge for 2012. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t be continued, since there’s no longer a postaday/week 2011. These are not inspirational photos to launch you into the new year, instead the photos remind you to be cautious before you launch yourself into traffic. I took the photos while in Beijing and Shenyang. I honestly don’t think anyone followed traffic laws. I found myself closing my eyes at times.

People really know how to get around in a bike.

Add some wet snow and the traffic is even more fun.

I took this photo standing on a walkway bridge and saw a few accidents or close calls.

Sharing Sunday – Muggles, Travel Photos, Crayon Talks & More

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Here is my second Sharing Sunday that I provide information I’ve enjoyed.

Are you upset that the owl never arrived with your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Well, this muggle blogger writes adventures as though the owl actually did arrive and this muggle attends Hogwarts. Follow the adventures of learning to ride a broom and many challenges of being a non-wizard in a wizard school. Not at Hogwarts Yet

Would you like a kid’s honest opinion about books? Here is a blog written by a kid who loves books and shares wonderful reviews. It is a great site for parents and children to find books to read. The blog also features information about authors and book trivia. This Kid Reviews Books

If you haven’t updated your passport or you’re short on travel cash, then this is a wonderful blog to see the world through photos. There are Snapshots of the World  through food, landscapes, animals, buildings, culture customs, and more. I enjoy the brief travel information behind each photo.

This post is a delightful poem about diversity through the voices of crayons. At first the crayons disagree and don’t accept each other, but soon they learn that each is unique and together they make a beautiful picture. The poem is taken from a book.  The Crayon Box That Talked

Do you have too many books and not enough places to store them? Here are some fun photos that provide creative ideas about where to keep and show your books. Decorate With Books

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