The Way You Make Me Feel

Writing 101 Challenge: 3 Meaningful Songs

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‘Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?’

So, I’m taking to pen & paper again w/ this challenge. Those curious my writing is exactly the same typed – no changes.

Today I’m supposed to freely write about 3 songs that are most important in my life. Hmmm, that’s a problem since there’s so many great songs.

I always scanned the radio then stated “I wish there was a Caroline station”. No station fed my music feeling. Well, then I got an iPod so I every playlist is my own ‘station’. Which station & song gets me excited or means so much to me?

The first song I thought about was a Christmas song. (Yes, Christmas in June.) ‘Feliz Navidad’. It’s a simple thing that yes repeats, but has a fun beat to me. I often sing it in my head.

My next song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Michael Jackson. The song makes me feel alive. Of course, I picture myself wearing heels. Hmm, I think the shoes are red, high heels that tie around my ankles. Not exactly me, but that’s why I enjoy the song. I can be that woman.

And my last song would be ‘Footloose’. Okay, I felt pressured w/ time but it always gets my feet moving. What’s better than ‘Footloose’ playing loud in the car w/the windows down after a long day?! (Of course, my feet stay stable while driving.) I even had a dance routine to ‘Footloose’ in high school. No, I don’t think I’ll show it.

I’m going to try a fast brain write every day. The 101 challenge is a fun way to write more!