Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

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This week’s photo challenge is summer lovin’. Show the pleasures and delights of summer. For the first time this summer I’ve experienced numerous baseball games. I watched the Seattle Mariners and the Tacoma Rainers. Today, I attended a Tacoma Rainer’s game on a beautiful blue sky and warm summer day. It was a little scary at times, but we won 4-3. I had the best hot dog with all the fixings!




Click for more summer lovin’ photos.

101 Awesome Summer Ideas!

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The first day of summer is official here! There are so many wonderful activities to do in the summer, besides just watching TV or playing video games. Here are some fun ideas for people young and old. I got many ideas from Pinterest.

  1. Go to the library.
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. Play frisbee
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Make friendship bracelets
  6. Bike ride
  7. Star gaze
  8. Backyard camping
  9. Make sand sculptures
  10. Water balloon fight
  11. Play in the sprinkler
  12. Go to a bookstore.
  13. Picnic in the park or backyard.
  14. Blow bubbles
  15. Outside movie night
  16. Visit a museum
  17. Watch fireworks
  18. Go to a parade
  19. Make your own ice cream
  20. Visit the zoo
  21. Sidewalk chalk art
  22. Hopscotch
  23. Dance under the stars
  24. Host a BBQ
  25. Go on a hike
  26. Putt putt golf
  27. Face paint
  28. Go bowling
  29. Make your own popsicles
  30. Write a story.
  31. Eat corn on the cob.
  32. Go berry picking.
  33. Skip rocks
  34. Make s’mores
  35. Sing songs around the campfire
  36. Golf
  37. Jump on a trampoline
  38. Catch fireflies
  39. Set up a tent in the backyard.
  40. Have a lemonade stand.
  41. Go to a yard sale.
  42. Host a yard sale.
  43. Go to a farmer’s market.
  44. Do puzzles.
  45. Wash cars.
  46. Go fishing.
  47. Roller skate
  48. Go on roller coasters.
  49. Plant a garden.
  50. Walk the dog.
  51. Ride a horse.
  52. Play basketball.
  53. Read in a hemmock.
  54. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck.
  55. Make root beer floats.
  56. Eat watermelon.
  57. Play soccer.
  58. See a waterfall.
  59. Jump the waves.
  60. Attend a concert.
  61. Play board games.
  62. Try a new recipe.
  63. Visit a farm.
  64. Make a treasure hunt.
  65. Go bird watching.
  66. Play badminton.
  67. Build a tree house.
  68. Have a tea party.
  69. Play croquet.
  70. Write a letter.
  71. Make a paper airplane and test outside.
  72. Play tennis.
  73. Play tag.
  74. Swing from a tree.
  75. Whistle
  76. Hula hoop
  77. Explore the city
  78. Visit an amusement park
  79. karaoke
  80. Visit city festivals
  81. Plant a tree
  82. Eat outside
  83. Go to a baseball game.
  84. Make a bird feeder.
  85. Play hopscotch.
  86. Eat snow cones.
  87. Play on a slip n’ slide.
  88. Dance party!
  89. Hunt for a 4 leaf clover.
  90. Go boating (wear a life vest)
  91. Make ice cream sundaes.
  92. Take photos of the fun!
  93. Go on a road trip.
  94. Find the perfect hat and sunglasses.
  95. Take an art class.
  96. Have a water hose fight.
  97. Tie dye
  98. Go out dancing
  99. Go swimming.
  100. Wear sunblock.
  101. Get off the couch & do something!!!

You’ll notice that none of these summer ideas included watching TV. Sure a few mindless hours are fine, but there are many exciting things to do. Many of these activities are free, low cost, or just doing something differently.

Have a fun & safe summer!!

I’ve Got a Hankering for Cherries

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Summer is almost officially here and that brings delicious summer fruit. I always check the produce section in the hopes that I’ll see my favorite beautiful, bright red cherries. (I prefer Bing over Rainer.) When my eyes catch cherries I then look at the price. If the price is too high, I wait. My cherry hankering can be satisfied another day.

The word ‘hankering’ is quite fun. You’re probably thinking, ‘How can a word be fun?’. Well, because I said so. My desire for cherries is more than just ‘wanting’ them. ‘Hankering’ means to have a craving or longing. Perhaps some may argue that my use of the word ‘hankering’ is extreme for a cherry desire.

When I bite into that bitter-sweetness I know summer has begun. Luckily, my hankering for cherries has been satisfied. Delicious. Summer is here. I may share my cherries with you.

What do you have a hankering for?


School’s Out for Summer – READ READ READ!

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For many children, school is now out for summer. If not, they are counting down the days. Studies show that students drop reading levels at the start of a new year from lack of summer reading. Don’t let this happen to a child you know!

Summer is a time of lazy days with more daylight – more light for reading time! Encourage children to keep their mind active over the summer months. Here are just a few reading ideas.

  1. Join your library reading program. Many libraries have fun themes, extra activities, and even prizes!
  2. Read a book in a hammock.
  3. Start your morning with a puzzle.
  4. Tell ghost stories (or any story) around the camp fire.
  5. Take a book to the beach, park, grandparent’s house, or anyone else.
  6. Listen to audio books on road trips.
  7. Act out your favorite book.
  8. Read a book about stars then star gaze.
  9. Read a book about gardening then help plant your own garden.
  10. Adults also read to show an example.
  11. Read to the family dog/cat/hamster. (They don’t care if mistakes are made.)
  12. Have a bookclub and discuss the book.
  13. Read a book before bed. (Instead of tv time)
  14. Read about the place you’re going to visit or where you’d like to go.
  15. Pick up any book and just read!!!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

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Memorial weekend is the unofficial start to Summer. I’m very late for this weekly photo challenge, but it’s the idea that matters. I was busy with a wedding, so I didn’t get a chance to post for this week. The wedding was in Eastern Washington in Spokane, Washington. My family stopped at a camp ground near Coulee City, Washington, that we always camped at when I was younger. However, I can’t remember the last time I went camping.  The camp ground was Sun Lakes State Park. It has a little of everything – swimming, water skiing, fishing, golf, camp fires, mini-golf, RVs, cabins, campsites, and you can even drive a little bit and visit the Grand Coulee Dam. I wish we could have stayed a bit and camp.

Welcome Summer!

This is the swimming area.
Here are docks to launch your boat.
Here are some campsites.
Here is sort of a look from above at Dry Falls. A natural wonder carved by glaciers.

What’s your favorite summertime sense?

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When summer occurs, new and fresh senses interweave which creates an environment that happens for a short period. Many of our senses overlap which creates an even more overpowering sensual experience. What’s your favorite sense that captures summer to you?

Sight: We want to remember our summer experiences and vacations, so of course numerous photos are taken as a snapshot ‘vision’ for the day. The days are now longer with more light to enjoy. Bright colors are found in flowers, swimsuits, patio tablecloths, sunsets, and our favorite summer fruits and tropical drinks. People are seen bike riding, swimming, playing volleyball, running through the sprinklers, sunbathing, preparing food on the grill, boating, setting up the tent, or walking through the park.

Sound: The sense of sound during the summer can be heard throughout the day. Do you have your loose change ready when you hear the familiar songs of the ice cream truck? The loud lawn mower can be heard from your neighbor’s yard to the community park. Laughter and screams of delight are heard when playing outside games. The refreshing sound of a water splash when jumping into a pool. At the beach, we hear the boat’s motor in the distance and water hitting upon the shore.

Smell: So often the phrase: “Oh, what’s that smell?” doesn’t bring the best thoughts, since we normally think of awful smells such as garbage or smelly socks. When I walk outside into a perfect summer day and close my eyes certain smells drift and make me smile. I’m lucky that I have no allergies. Walk near a park, garden, or neighbor’s yard and smell the aroma of fresh-cut grass. True this summer smell occurs year round, but most frequently smelled during this season. Continue on your walk or into a campground and smell the charcoal of a barbeque.

Taste: The sense of taste may be the most fun. Many summer foods are only available or at their peak during this time. Go on, let the peach juice dribble down your chin. Bite into sweet corn and get cornels in your teeth. Pop the pits out of cherries. Savor a cold glass of sweet lemonade on a hot summer day. Lick a delicious ice cream cone or popsicle.

Touch: The sense of touch sometimes gets lost behind, but there are certain touches that occur mainly in the summer months. I don’t think many feel the rough feeling of sand between our toes or squishy sand when wet in January. The warm heat on our skin defines those hot summer days. (Just remember to enjoy the heat with a strong sunblock.) Dip into the pool, lake, ocean, or river and cool off in refreshing water. (Remember to be safe with life vests and supervision.)

Enjoy the last month of summer with all your senses!