Weekly Photo Challenge: Today – Take Two

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I went on a fun walk this afternoon around the Proctor District near my house with my sister and new brother-in-law. Of course, I had to bring my camera and record my adventure for today.

This photo was taken of the Blue Mouse Theater. It opened on November 13, 1923. The theater was named after a lounge in Paris, France. It’s a small local theater that plays one movie at a time.
Of course, we needed to visit the local Starbucks.
Here is a photo of the flower section in the farmer’s market. You pick the flowers to add to your own bouquet.
This is a photo of a painted wall mural.
This is a photo of a small candy store. I said that it reminds me of Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Well, my sister then mentioned that it was playing a song from the movie. (The first and better movie in my opinion.)
This photo was taken inside the candy store. It was too much fun to not take a photo.

I hope you enjoyed a peak at my adventure today.