Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

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This week’s photo challenge is ‘fresh’. The official first day of Spring was yesterday, however it already felt like Spring for the past month. My photos for ‘fresh’ are Cherry Blossoms that show a fresh start for the season.

Click here for additional ‘fresh’ photos.

Weekly Quotation: Pablo Picasso

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Everything you can imagine is real.

― Pablo Picasso


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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Spring is my favorite season when so many changes occur. Flowers slowly emerge from the ground and buds blossom upon trees. I love to see the colors come alive everywhere after a cold, wet, and dull winter. This week’s photo challenge focuses on change. I decided to highlight  Rhododendrons growing outside my house. Rhododendrons are Washington’s  state flower. I found flowers on the same bush at different flowering stages.










Find more change photos:

Book Review: It’s Spring!

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springIt’s Spring!

Written by Linda Glaser,
Illustrated by Susan Swan
Published January 1, 2002 by Millbrook Press 
Genre/Topics: Seasons, Nature, Realistic
Ages: 4+, 32 pages 


It’s Spring! is a colorful and educational book about how the season changes to Spring. The book follows one boy as he experiences different things during Spring.  It begins how winter coats are no longer needed, the ice melts and then there are puddles to jump in. The different senses are in the book as he feels  the soft buds on his cheek, hears birds cheep, and smells daffodils. Spring is now the season to plant and he starts a garden. He notices that the sun shines longer and the days are warmer. The illustrations are very unique, because it’s made with three-dimensional cut paper then layered to give depth and photographed with lights to give shadows. The pictures almost appear as though the flower is popping out of the page. The back of the book provides Spring nature activities. 





Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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This week’s photo challenge is through. I decided to use the through translation meaning on one side and out the other. It is now officially spring. I looked in my yard to see what has come through the ground and is now beginning to bud. It’s my favorite time of the year when everything is fresh and new.