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Thankful Thoughts: Nature’s Wonders

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Today’s thankful thought is the many beautiful nature views seen daily. Even a cloudy sky can appear mysterious. So many times I wish I had my camera to capture ‘wow’ moments that make you realize that you’re much smaller in the grand scale. There are numerous lists with the most┬ábeautiful┬áplaces to visit and the wonders of the world, but any scene in nature is breathtaking.


Can you see the butterfly?

Alaska Mountain Range


Dreams through spider webs

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I saw this spider’s web in my backyard and this photo doesn’t fully capture it. The sunlight shined directly through and almost glistened. I was reminded of a chorus from a camp song, ‘Spider’s Web’. The entire song is on the link below.


There’s a web like a spider’s web
Made of silver light and shadows
Spun by the moon in my room at night
It’s a web made to catch a dream
Hold it tight ’til I awaken
As if to tell me my dream is all right