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Censored Writers Share Stories

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Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers

Edited by Judy Blume

Young Adult, 198 pages

This book is a collection of short stories by authors whose work was either challenged or banned. After each story the author provides their censorship beliefs and personal experiences.  The stories are diverse from losing virginity, being mugged, education struggles, family responsibilities, and more. Each character finds himself or herself in a place they weren’t meant to be. The book provides resources to contact if a book becomes threatened and censored. Also, there is a note from the director of the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC). The book’s sales benefit the NCAC. I think this is a great book for a sneak about censorship at a personal level from authors themselves.

In the age of censorship I mourn the loss of books that will never be written, I mourn the voices that will be silenced – writers’ voices, teachers’ voices, students’ voices – and all because of fear. How many have resorted to self-censorship? How many are saying to themselves, “Nope…can’t write about that. Can’t teach that book. Can’t have that book in our collection. Can’t let my student write that editorial in the school paper.”

– Judy Blume

Authors featured:

Judy Blume
Norma Fox Mazer 
Julius Lester
Rachel Vail
Katherine Paterson
Jacqueline Woodson
Harry Mazer
Walter Dean Myers
Susan Beth Pfeffer
David Klass
Paul Zindel
Chris Lynch
Norma Klein