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Sharing Sunday – Cute Puppies, Window Frost, Hilarious Art, & More

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Are you in need of a cute fix during your work week? NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) posts an adorable puppy training to be an assistance dog every day Monday through Friday at 11am.

This week’s photo challenge is window and I’ve looked at many beautiful window photos. Here’s an interesting photo with frost on the window.

Here’s a humorous site that uses wires to transform regular objects into hilarious art. You’ll discover marshmallows walking a plank into hot cocoa.

Here’s a humorous post that shows the United States in word graphics categorizing each region.

This is another children’s book blog that provides the book’s reading level, genre, grade interest, and lesson plans for some books.


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Sharing Sunday -Scary Movies, Pumpkin Treats, Halloween Books & More

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Halloween is tomorrow, so I thought for this week’s Sharing Sunday I’d highlight various things to get you excited about Halloween.

Looking for something to eat and drink? Perhaps you’re in the mood for pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin muffins, a pumpkin latte, a pumpkin pie smoothieroasted pumpkin seeds, chocolate pumpkin breadmonster eyeballs, pumpkin macaroni & cheesevery scary heart jello,  Halloween popcorn, or homemade apple cider. 

Looking for something to read? Here is one librarian’s daily count down to Halloween with Halloween children’s books.

Looking for something to watch or listen to for the Halloween mood? I don’t watch horror movies, but maybe they get you into the Halloween spirit. Here are some scary movie lists to select from: Top Twenty Horrors, 25 Scary Films,  and a blog post dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock. Maybe you’re searching for a great Halloween music playlist.

Here is a blog series titled  Twelve Days of Pumpkins that has a little bit of everything – recipes, art, and even a pumpkin facial mask.

Finally, here is a dentist’s perspective about what to do after eating all that candy.


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Sharing Sunday – Fireworks, Hot Air Balloons, Bookshops & More

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This week’s Sharing Sunday I focused upon photos and freshly pressed posts that I enjoyed.

Here are some very amazing photos across the United States taken from above in a plane. The photos are breathtaking. Aerial Photos Across the USA

I’ve tried taking firework photos, but it never seems to work. Here are some wonderful firework photos taken at a competition between China and France. This is a photography blog, so you’ll find additional photos to enjoy. Awesome Firework Photos

I’ve always wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride. This blog post highlights the Balloon Fiesta in  Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Photos

Here is a blog about one person’s attempt to visit every bookshop in London. London Bookshops

Are you confused about the many blogs about books? I found this blog that dedicates information about book blogs. It helps you narrow down your interest. You can also list your own blog.  book blogger directory

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Sharing Sunday – Muggles, Travel Photos, Crayon Talks & More

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Here is my second Sharing Sunday that I provide information I’ve enjoyed.

Are you upset that the owl never arrived with your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Well, this muggle blogger writes adventures as though the owl actually did arrive and this muggle attends Hogwarts. Follow the adventures of learning to ride a broom and many challenges of being a non-wizard in a wizard school. Not at Hogwarts Yet

Would you like a kid’s honest opinion about books? Here is a blog written by a kid who loves books and shares wonderful reviews. It is a great site for parents and children to find books to read. The blog also features information about authors and book trivia. This Kid Reviews Books

If you haven’t updated your passport or you’re short on travel cash, then this is a wonderful blog to see the world through photos. There are Snapshots of the World  through food, landscapes, animals, buildings, culture customs, and more. I enjoy the brief travel information behind each photo.

This post is a delightful poem about diversity through the voices of crayons. At first the crayons disagree and don’t accept each other, but soon they learn that each is unique and together they make a beautiful picture. The poem is taken from a book.  The Crayon Box That Talked

Do you have too many books and not enough places to store them? Here are some fun photos that provide creative ideas about where to keep and show your books. Decorate With Books

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Sharing Sunday – Dr. Seuss, Elephants, Yummy Books & More

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I wanted to start a new post idea that I got from other bloggers. I discover many unique, interesting, fun, beautiful, and informative blogs. These are some recent blogs or posts that I enjoyed.

I’ve read numerous posts on this blog. It has a little of everything from book reviews, humor, and daily life inspirations. This post creatively described how Dr. Seuss books that we read as children have a lot of wisdom for all ages. I got the sharing day idea from this blogger.  Life lessons from Dr. Seuss

If you’re searching for something bright each day then here is a very colorful blog. It highlights a vibrant photo each day. This photo has a unique look at ice cream. 365 days of colour

I really enjoyed this blog post and may highlight later on my blog. Elephants are my favorite animal and this blogger celebrated Elephant Appreciation Day. I never knew there was such a date. It has books and information about elephants. Elephant Appreciation Day

This post was freshly pressed, so many may have read it. It features a trip taken to New York City exploring children’s literature. I thought it was appropriate for my blog, since it relates with children’s books. children’s literature tour of New York

This blog is unique, because it’s not just a photography blog. It combines science elements and information behind the photos. This blogger has really explored the world. photo + science

This is a delicious blog that combines book reviews and food. She has a fun rating scale based upon the food she enjoys.  the very hungry bookworm

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