Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

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This week’s photo challenge is a photo that captures a split second story with street photography. Last night, I attended the musical ‘Once’ in Seattle. It was a very fun, lively, and beautiful production. I may have to purchase the music. These photos capture the split seconds before with excitement and satisfaction at the end.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

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This week’s photo challenge of everyday life made me really look into my photos, because I usually don’t take photos of people. I still haven’t gotten used to the stares people may give me when I click and I’m hesitant to ask. I visited Seattle a few weeks ago and took photos of the fast pace on the street. I was near the pier, which is a tourist location and noticed many bicycle pedicabs. It may not be something that the¬†passengers¬†experience every day, but for the riders themselves this is their everyday life.

Waiting for passengers





Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

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This week’s photo challenge is journey. I decided to post photos from my Alaskan cruise journey a few summers ago.

The cruise departed from Seattle.

Here is another Seattle city photo taken while leaving the port.

I don’t know anyone in the photo, but it captures the excitement as everyone looked to the sea.