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Book Review: Happy Birthday, Monster!

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Happy Birthday, Monster! 
Written and Illustrated by Scott Beck 
Published October 1, 2007 by Abrams Books for Young Readers
Ages: 5-8, 32 pages 

Ben is hosting a surprise party for his friend Doris the dragon. Of course, this isn’t your typical party because monsters are on the guest list. The guests include an alien, ghost, robot, mummy, skeleton, and vampire. The book is simple, but very humorous since monsters act and talk differently. There’s brief text, but also jokes and conversations between the guests. A few party highlights include: the robot destroys a piñata, the mummy dances the twist, the ghost jump ropes, Ben gets stuck on the ceiling after playing parachute, and everyone runs when the dragon blows out the birthday candles. I think adults will also get a laugh from the jokes, such as Ben asks the robot if he’d like some nuts and the robot’s response: ‘No thank you… robot prefer bolts!’. Happy Birthday, Monster! is a cute book that will get laughs and no scares.

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