Book Review: Rain! by Linda Ashman

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Written by Linda Ashman 
Illustrated by Christian Robinson 
Published by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children on March 5, 2013 
Genre/Topics: Positive Attitude, Realistic, Weather
Ages: 4+, 32 pages 

Two individuals look out their window and see a rainy day, yet they have completely different perspectives about the day to come. One individual is an extremely happy young child who shouts with joy that it’s a rainy day. He cannot wait to put on his frog rain hat and boots. The other individual is a grumpy old man who grudgingly puts on his rain gear. The  viewpoints continue on the rainy day as the boy jumps in puddles and pretends to be a frog whereas the old man frowns at others. They both enter a coffee shop and the boy happily eats his cookie while the man drinks his coffee with a frown. The boy accidentally bumps into the older man who yells at the boy to be careful. The negative feeling almost settles on the young boy until he notices the old man forgot his hat. He quickly gives the man his hat. The frown slowly disappears as he jokes to try on the frog hat too. They walk away both with smiles on their faces. This was a very cute and simple book that demonstrates your attitude can make all the difference.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall2

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Today I experienced the first real day of fall. The season is full of vibrant colors and changing landscapes, but as the seasons turn so does the weather. I live near Seattle, so people normally think of two things: rain and coffee. I love the rain, but dislike coffee. (Yes, not everyone drinks coffee here.) The weather brings grey skies, puddles, and makes everything wet. However, rain also brings the sound of patters against the window. Now where did I put my rain boots?

Someone even thought this statue could use an umbrella. (Real residents don’t use umbrellas.)

Here’s my first attempt at Fall: weekly photo challenge: fall