Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

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I haven’t posted a weekly photo challenge for a few weeks, since I’ve been busy with the holidays but I’ve found winter photos. I’ve already posted a few of these, but I still enjoy them. Bundle up and stay warm.

Here is frost on my car window on a cold winter morning.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

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This week’s photo challenge is celebration. Of course, my first thought was to post various Christmas photos since it’s right in front of my eyes. I searched my China photos and found these mooncakes. Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival for lunar worship and moon watching around the middle of September. They are considered a delicacy with a thick paste inside and often a whole egg yolk to symbolize the full moon. There’s often Chinese characters on the top that may state the filling, the bakery name, moon symbols, and additional decorations. There were packages of mooncakes everywhere, so of course I had to buy and taste some. After several years, I’m surprised I still have the package wrappings. I couldn’t read Chinese, so I’m not sure what my mooncakes represent. I honestly didn’t like the taste. It was very dense and wasn’t sweet. If you read Chinese characters feel free to state what it means.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

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This week’s photo challenge is waiting. The first thing I thought about was waiting in long lines whether at the store or DMV. (You’ll really be waiting there.) Instead, I decided to focus waiting upon Christmas.

This is an advent calendar that my mom made. There’s a small ornament in each pocket and a new one is hung every day.  It’s fun seeing the tree become decorated.

This is a photo of our advent wreath. The first week of course is waiting.

Here is an adorable Christmas dog waiting for a treat.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

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This week’s photo challenge is delightful to capture breakfast. I love all types of breakfast foods anytime of day. Today I had oatmeal with brown sugar and buttered toast. I also enjoy reading the comics with breakfast. My breakfast hardly competes with other individual’s breakfast photos that I wish I could take my fork into my computer and nibble. With all the wonderful and delicious breakfast choices it’s difficult to skip on the most important meal of the day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

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This week’s weekly photo challenge is wonder, which can have many interpretations. Here are some of my personal wonders that I’ve collected.

I wonder what makes the glacier look so blue.

I wonder what these people are thinking.

I wonder what’s down this tunnel.

I wonder what’s inside this box.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

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This week’s photo challenge is windows and I went back to my China photos.

This isn’t exactly a ‘window’ but I loved how I could see through the metal concrete at a park. It made me want to peak through.

This photo was taken quickly from inside a taxi. The odd shaped building and the criss cross pattern of the taxi’s glass fascinated me.

You don’t see huge windows on a pink building every day. Well, at least I don’t.

The last photo was not taken in China, but was taken in Washington State with a viewpoint of the water on a snowy day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden2

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I felt like I cheated on this week’s photo challenge, since they weren’t my own photos. I took these photos in China and I thought the translations from Chinese to English on signs was often hilarious and left a hidden message. I’ll never know what’s hidden, since I didn’t go inside the places.

I wanted to go inside this building, so many times to discover what medicine techniques are so new and special. I can maybe understand the new concept, but what exactly makes the medicine ‘special’?

Most likely this is a dance studio, but my feet can dance for many reasons. Perhaps the feet dance so happily, because they’re wearing new sparkly shoes or they’ve just had a foot massage.

I took this photo at a hostel in Beijing. Of course, I didn’t venture through the door since I’m not staff. I wondered what made the room so ‘important’.

What’s hidden inside this restaurant that makes it ‘Special Grade A’? The sign is cracked and dirty, so I’m not sure how ‘Grade A’ it truly is.

Animals camouflage and hide themselves in my first attempt.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

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This week’s photo challenge is hidden. I thought about was how we sometimes camouflage ourselves to be hidden. Here are some animals that camouflage themselves to stay hidden from others. These are not my photos, but the idea concept is mine. I gave the photographers credit.

Photo Credit: Doug Aghassi  Grasshopper

Photo Credit: Paul Nicklen  Polar Bear

Photo Credit: Adrian Pingstone  Dead Leaf Mantis

Photo Credit: David Doubilet  Stingray

Photo Credit: Steve Winter Tiger

2nd hidden attempt with hidden messages

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

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This week’s photo challenge is opportunity, which is funny because that’s how I described possibilities for last week. (I secretly hoped for something straight forward this week, but that’s no fun.) The first thing I thought of was the many opportunities I have living in the United States. Many even call it the land of opportunities. I think one of the best symbols is the U.S. flag. I say the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school and it gives me strength when I put my hand upon my heart. I was lucky that the wind was in my favor.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

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Possibility is this week’s photo challenge. I think of possibility as opportunity. There are numerous possiblities and opportunities in life.

The possibility for knowledge.

The possibility for change.

The possiblity to try something new.

The possiblity for adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

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This week’s photo challenge is comfort, which can be very diverse for each individual. The first thing I thought was how books bring me warmth and are always there. A magical place where books live is the library. I love to spend my time within the stacks and rows that hold books within the library. Here are some photos of my local library.

This photo is the library’s entrance. Through these doors hold my comfort.


These photos are in the children’s corner within the library. The books come alive and show the wonder to children.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

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I’m sure there’s going to be many beautiful sunsets for this week’s photo challenge. I took this photo while working at a summer camp on Vashon Island in Washington State.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

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I struggled with this week’s photo challenge: fall. There are many interpretations and I decided to focus on the season. However, I had a ‘problem’ because the weather where I live has been warm this September and many trees are evergreen that don’t change colors. So, I thought what other changes occur that signal a new season? Store displays change with each season and during fall you see harvest colors and pumpkins.  These photos were taken at a local store.


Here’s another attempt at fall: weekly photo challenge fall2

Book Smorgasbord

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Walk into a buffet restaurant and you’ll  find many choices. Grab a plate and pile on your favorite dishes. We’ll pretend that calories don’t count and you have a bottomless stomach for this meal. Select your meats whether it’s roast beef, spicy sausage, meatballs, or barbeque chicken. Perhaps you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t select a meat choice. Continue through the buffet to find pizza, french fries, fruits, vegetables, and even jello. Of course we need room for delicious desserts, such as cookies, berry cobbler, and ice cream. Finish your selections and head to your table to compare your choices with friends. You may see food on a friend’s plate that you didn’t notice at the buffet. Maybe you make a sour face to a food you dislike on someone’s plate. Perhaps you snitch food from others. Buffets often change weekly, so each visit is new.

Instead of a restaurant, you’re now walking into any library, bookstore, school, or garage sale with discount paperbacks. Maybe you decide to ‘walk’ into your Amazon account from the comfort of your home. Depending on the location, your ‘plate’ today is a library card, wallet, school pass, loose change, and most important an open mind. Everyone has different ‘tastes’ when we select books to read. There are endless ‘dishes’ from mystery, romance, science fiction, biography, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, picture books, reference books, magazines, journals, newspapers, history, foreign language, poetry, best sellers, photography, travel, geography, audio books, religion, how-to books, and much more. There’s even subcategories for each book ‘dish’. You can ‘travel’ to different countries with books about its food, landmarks, transportation, geography, historical aspects, and more to fully ‘explore’ the location. Similar to a buffet, you don’t need to select every book. Also, you don’t need to have the same book ‘taste’ preference  as your friends. However, friends can always share ‘dish’ recommendations about which books to read next time. Of course, new books are stocked so numerous trips need to be taken to satisfy your ‘hunger’ for books to read.

Banned books week is next week, however we need to celebrate book diversity all year. Individuals should have the freedom to read anything they desire without criticism from others. I’m not going to forbid you from picking a book I dislike. Nobody should have the right for books to be removed from classrooms, schools, and libraries. Often individuals don’t even read the material before deciding if it should be banned. You never know, you may learn something new or gain an appreciation for different perspectives. We all have different book tastes, so allow others to enjoy their choices without judgement. Experience the diverse flavors of a book smorgasbord.

Dare to think for yourself.

– Voltaire

Information about banned books week:

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