Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

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This week’s photo challenge is summer lovin’. Show the pleasures and delights of summer. For the first time this summer I’ve experienced numerous baseball games. I watched the Seattle Mariners and the Tacoma Rainers. Today, I attended a Tacoma Rainer’s game on a beautiful blue sky and warm summer day. It was a little scary at times, but we won 4-3. I had the best hot dog with all the fixings!




Click for more summer lovin’ photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

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I’m a little for last week’s weekly photo challenge. The challenge is relic which is something surviving from the past. These are photos of what remains from a brick building in downtown Tacoma. I like how you can see a modern building in the background. I included a color and black & white photo.


Click here for more relic photos 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

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This week’s photo challenge is urban. I love taking street photos and capturing aspects in my city. This is a photo of a street lamp and cross walk that individuals covered with admission stickers from museums in downtown Tacoma, Washington. I like how someone started the trend and others followed to create a colorful display. The museums stickers are from the Washington State History Museum and the Museum of Glass.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

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This week’s photo challenge is a little complex. (At least it seemed more complex to me.) The goal is to have two subjects in each photo. I went on a walk with my dog and took some photographs. I tried to keep an open mind for two subjects.

Here is a photo of a swing from a tree. You can't have one without the other.
Here is a photo of a flower-pot hanging from a lamppost. Unfortunately, the flowers died from last summer.
Here is a photo of a bench at a bus stop.
What dog can resist a fire hydrant?
Here's a little interaction with the fire hydrant.