Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

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I’m a tad late for the weekly photo challenge for between. When I was on a trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, I discovered Kung Fu Pizza that served Chinese and pizza. I was very excited, because I have difficulty making choices and this restaurant I could have two cuisine choices. Although there was a problem because I then couldn’t decide between pizza or Chinese. There was actually a Chinese pizza, so I could have both worlds. I finally picked from the Chinese menu.


Book Review: Pizza

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Pizza: How to Make and Bake More than 50 Delicious Homemade Pizzas

Written by Carla Bardi 
Published by Readers Digest on May 12, 2011 
Genre/Topics: Nonfiction, Cookbook, Pizza 
Ages: This is not exactly a ‘children’s’ recipe book, but it’s easy to understand and children can help with adult supervision. 
128 pages 


I don’t often examine the new nonfiction books in my library, but this book caught my eye. Why? Well, it was exactly shaped (round) like a pizza so it really stood out. The book provides a brief history of pizza making and how it became so popular. It gives recipes for basic, whole wheat, and gluten-free dough. I made the basic dough. I really enjoyed this book, because at each step there were photos. After you’ve made your dough the next step is to decide which pizza to make. I made a margherita pizza with simple mozzarella and fresh basil. Each pizza is presented in two pages: one page directions and the other page an entire photo of the completed pizza. Mine didn’t exactly look like the photo, but it was still tasty.