Book Review: Matilda

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by Roald Dahl

Ages 8+, 240 pages

Matilda is a brilliant young girl whose parents think she is a trouble maker and wastes space. Her father is a used car salesman who takes advantage of customers and her mother spends her time playing bingo. Both parents don’t care what Matilda does just as long as she doesn’t get in the way. Her father argues with her when she correctly answers a complex math problem. Matilda explores the library and reads everything in sight. Matilda finally gets recognized when she enters school and meets Miss Honey. Miss Honey notices that Matilda has genius qualities, but it doesn’t let that get to her head. At school, she also encounters The Trunchbull who is the headmistress. The Trunchbull doesn’t enjoy children and gives harsh punishments, such as pulling their pig tails and forcing children to eat an entire cake. This is another Roald Dahl classic children’s story where the young triumph over cruel adults. The movie version is also enjoyable and very close to the book.

She had somehow trained herself by now to block her ears to the ghastly sound of the dreaded box. She kept right on reading, and for some reason this infuriated the father. Perhaps his anger was intensified because he saw her getting pleasure from something that was beyond his reach.

– Roald Dahl (page 38 -39)