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Book Review: It’s Spring!

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springIt’s Spring!

Written by Linda Glaser,
Illustrated by Susan Swan
Published January 1, 2002 by Millbrook Press 
Genre/Topics: Seasons, Nature, Realistic
Ages: 4+, 32 pages 


It’s Spring! is a colorful and educational book about how the season changes to Spring. The book follows one boy as he experiences different things during Spring.  It begins how winter coats are no longer needed, the ice melts and then there are puddles to jump in. The different senses are in the book as he feels  the soft buds on his cheek, hears birds cheep, and smells daffodils. Spring is now the season to plant and he starts a garden. He notices that the sun shines longer and the days are warmer. The illustrations are very unique, because it’s made with three-dimensional cut paper then layered to give depth and photographed with lights to give shadows. The pictures almost appear as though the flower is popping out of the page. The back of the book provides Spring nature activities. 





Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Book Review: Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hanukkah

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Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hanukkah

by Linda Glaser, illustrated by Nancy Cote

Ages 6-9, 32 pages

Rachel is super excited to celebrate Hanukkah, but her parents remind her that it’s not time yet. Instead, Rachel decides to spread the holiday cheer and visits her neighbor, Mrs. Greensberg. Mrs. Greensberg’s house is always clean and she feels empty all by herself especially during Hanukkah. Rachel wants to make latkes, but Mrs. Greenberg reminds her that it takes work. They get to work, but it soon becomes a messy production as Rachel makes mistakes. As she grates the potatoes, Rachel’s pile falls off the floor. Rachel decides to help clean the mess and begins mopping the floor, but this creates another mushy mess. Mistakes continue, but they finally produce delicious latkes. Mrs. Greenberg never complains, since what’s a little mess between friends. I thought this was a delightful book about how an older woman and young girl celebrate Hanukkah together.