Kilmeny Niland

A Bellbird in a Flame Tree

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A Bellbird in a Flame Tree

written and illustrated by Kilmeny Niland

Ages 5 & up, 32 pages

Most people know the original version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, but this is an Australian version. I had difficulty finding this book on Amazon and I was lucky enough that my library had it. Kilmeny Niland is an award winning artist who lives in Sydney, Australia. I thought this book was educational to learn about different animals. A Bellbird in a Flame Tree can be used to introduce Australian animals and then gather more information about them.

Here is the full list of the animals:

One on the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, 
twelve koalas clowning, 
eleven lizards leaping, 
ten dingoes dancing, 
nine numbats knitting, 
eight quokkas cooking, 
seven mice a-marching, 
six penguins peeping, 
five crocodiles, 
four pelicans, 
three lorikeets, 
two wallabies, 
and a bellbird in a flame tree. 

Additonal Information about Australian Animals