Kalaloch Beach

Foto Friday: Splish Splash

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George in the water

Kalaloch Beach, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

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I realize I’m a week late for this photo challenge, but I didn’t have time to post it. Here are some photos of my dog, George, enjoying the beach at Kalaloch in Washington. Normally, he doesn’t like water but he kept walking out to play in the waves.

Click HERE for more sea photos.

Thankful Thoughts: Memories

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It’s approaching the holiday season and I think back to family traditions during this time. Today’s thankful thought is how wonderful it is to remember memories both good and bad. For some reason, the terrible moments at the time turn out to be the best memories. I still remember a family vacation at the ocean and it rained buckets. Thankfully, we weren’t camping and getting drenched. (Although, that happened before.) We sure got on each other’s nerves being in a tight cabin, but it still makes me smile as I watch past videos. I’ll share a memory from that experience.

We were staying in the Olympic National Park region, which is actually a temperate rain forest. It now makes sense with the raining buckets. We were at the stage of getting bored and crazy since we were in a small space. Oh, and there was no television to just pop in a video and pass the time until the rain stopped. So, my family decided to visit the Big Cedar Tree. Yes, there’s even a highway sign that states Big Cedar Tree. So of course we had to check this out and it turned into our activity for the day. We bundled up into our rain gear and ran to the automobile. We arrived at the Big Cedar Tree and my sisters and I huddled inside the tree  from getting wet. Overall, it was a fun family outing. It’s now the family joke to mention to others to visit the Big Cedar Tree if they’re near the location.

This photo shows somewhat of the tight cabin space.

Here are some photos at Kalaloch Beach. Of course, these photos are an example of  wonderful weather. Although, even stormy and windy weather can be fun…watching from a distance and inside where it’s warm.