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Book Review: 102 Minutes to Survive the Twin Towers

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102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers

by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn

384 pages

I shared 9/11 recommendations for children’s book, so I’ll include a nonfiction book that I finished. 102 Minutes was the first book I read about the events on September 11th. I think this book did a great job providing emotion while also giving facts and details. The book constantly referred to the horrific circumstances similar to those on the Titanic, since it wasn’t just the iceberg that killed the people. The authors discussed in detail about building codes that changed when building the Twin Towers and the inside struggles the individuals encountered, such as stairways blocked, doors locked, and elevators not working. The authors used first hand information from interviews, phone calls, emails, radio communication, and emergency contacts. Individuals had only 102 minutes from the time the first tower was hit to when both towers collapsed. Exact times were given throughout the book. There also were diagrams of the Twin Towers showing exactly where each plane hit, stairways blocked, and exit paths. The book provided emotion, such as details about individuals who risked their life to help others and people working together to survive. I highly recommend this book for a deeply moving experience about the events on September 11th. I finished the book in two days.