I’ve Got a Hankering for Cherries

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Summer is almost officially here and that brings delicious summer fruit. I always check the produce section in the hopes that I’ll see my favorite beautiful, bright red cherries. (I prefer Bing over Rainer.) When my eyes catch cherries I then look at the price. If the price is too high, I wait. My cherry hankering can be satisfied another day.

The word ‘hankering’ is quite fun. You’re probably thinking, ‘How can a word be fun?’. Well, because I said so. My desire for cherries is more than just ‘wanting’ them. ‘Hankering’ means to have a craving or longing. Perhaps some may argue that my use of the word ‘hankering’ is extreme for a cherry desire.

When I bite into that bitter-sweetness I know summer has begun. Luckily, my hankering for cherries has been satisfied. Delicious. Summer is here. I may share my cherries with you.

What do you have a hankering for?


Weekly Quotation: Charles M. Schulz

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Happiness is a warm puppy.

― Charles M. Schulz

How can you not smile when looking my dog George?

Weekly Quotation: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Weekly Quotation: Mark Twain

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The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.

― Mark Twain