Great Wall of China

A – Z Photo Challenge: V is for Vegetables, Venture, View

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I’ve been a little busy, so it took me some time to figure out my V photos for the A – Z challenge. The only thing that came into my mind is a violin, yet I don’t play a violin. Finally, I looked in the dictionary for inspiration.

V is for Vegetables. It appears to be pumpkins and squash.
V is for Venture. I went on an exciting venture to the Great Wall of China.
V is for View. This is the view from my parent’s deck.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

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At first I had difficulties with this week’s photo challenge, since the first idea is a path in the woods. I thought of my trip to China and exploring the Great Wall of China.

This was a steep, bumpy, and unlevel path of stairs leading to the Great Wall.