Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

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This week’s photo challenge is movement. I struggled with this topic at first, since anyone can take a photo of a fast-moving car or person running. I looked back to my photo collection and picked photos from my Alaskan trip. Movement can be fast, sudden, or relatively slow. I took these photos near Glacier Bay National Park (I think.) and the highlight was watching chunks of the glacier fall into the water while on the cruise ship. We didn’t know when the splash would happen, but it was exciting.

A lone boat slowly moving through the water with ice pieces.
A bird flies through the air.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

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This week’s photo challenge is peaceful and the first thing that came into my mind was silence, alone, and still. I was going to post a lovely sunset photo, but I decided to share photos I took in Alaska. My family and I experienced a helicopter ride above Alaskan glaciers and mountain range. The view was breathtaking. The scenery appeared so majestic and tranquil. The black and white photos really capture the stillness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

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This week’s weekly photo challenge is wonder, which can have many interpretations. Here are some of my personal wonders that I’ve collected.

I wonder what makes the glacier look so blue.

I wonder what these people are thinking.

I wonder what’s down this tunnel.

I wonder what’s inside this box.