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Book Review: The Landry News

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The Landry News

by Andrew Clements, illustrated by Brian Selznick

Ages 9+, 131 pages

Topics: Censorship, Newspaper, Realistic Fiction

I was first interested in The Landry News, because it discusses censorship and the freedom of press. Everyone knows a teacher who has lost their enthusiasm and may not be giving their best effort after years in the classroom. Mr. Larson, who teaches fifth grade, read a student editorial that highlighted his lack of teaching. At first Mr. Larson is upset, but this created a spark that motivated better teaching. The class writes a weekly newspaper that provides the truth with heart. However, the principal becomes upset when an article is published and hopes to use the information to fire Mr. Larson. The class discusses the First Amendment and what has a right to be printed. In fact, the book’s first pages provide the Bill of Rights. I think this was a great book to start conversations about freedom of speech and censorship.

– Editorial excerpt that sparks Mr. Larson:

     There has been no teaching so far this year in Mr. Larson’s classroom. There has been learning, but there has been no teaching. There is a teacher in the classroom, but he does not teach.