Book Review: Tua and the Elephant

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Tua and the Elephant 

Written by R. P. Harris
Illustrated by Taeun Yoo
Published by Chronicle Books on April 18, 2012
Genre/Topics: Realistic Fiction, Thailand, Animal Rescue 
Age: 8+, 204 pages 

Tua and the Elephant is the story of a young and curious girl who lives in Thailand. She visits the local night market where she often goes and enjoys the tastes, sights, and familiar people. On one market outing she discovers an elephant who is being treated badly. She sets the elephant free and takes it with her. Although, she’s not sure where to take the elephant that she rescued. Men who owned the elephant chase Tua throughout the town as she does whatever it takes to hopefully keep the elephant safe.

The book’s setting is Thailand, so of course Thai is spoken. There are words and expressions that I understood after carefully reading. It doesn’t explicitly state what it means. I enjoyed this aspect, because it made it seem that I was actually there. An illustration is at the start of each chapter. Tua and the Elephant is a sweet book with a girl who doesn’t give up even though she’s small. The book also teaches the importance to take care of animals. The author visited Thailand himself and explains his contact with elephants. I’ll admit, the main reason I picked up this book was because elephants are my favorite animal.