Doesn’t everyone wish to have Hermione’s time turner?

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What we need, ” said Dumbledore slowly, and his light blue eyes moved from Harry to Hermione, “is more time.

– J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, page 393)

I apologize if you haven’t read this yet. This is my third Harry Potter reference, which is understandable since the series holds so much. The conversation between Dumbledore and Hermione described what occurred after Sirius was captured and held under false pretenses. Dumbledore mentioned that three turns should be enough which translated into three hours in the past. Of course, Dumbledore let the two decide what needed to be done with the transfer back into time. Those who’ve read the book remember the changes that occurred in those three hours. That’s the key word: change. What do you wish you could change if given a time turner?

So, many times we think to ourselves ‘If I only knew what I know now’ or ‘I didn’t enjoy it while it lasted.’ or ‘What was I thinking about getting the (fill in the blank)?’. However much we wish, hope, dream, pray, and think upon we can’t change what occurred in the past. We can alter certain aspects, such as manage a terrible hair cut, refinance a poor money choice, repaint the olive walls, or sell extreme purchases. There are certain things that can’t be changed, such as a heated argument created difficult relationships or reckless behavior that caused physical bodily damage. True, people grow and learn from their past and develop skills through life. Stop and think about the choices that you make right now before you regret later or wish you could change.

Now, there’s also the opposite of turning into the past. Would you use the time turner to see your future? Of course, nobody wishes to suddenly age, but perhaps just a glimpse to quickly turn forward 3 weeks, 6 months, or decades then turn back. (Exception is if you’re turning 16 to drive or 21 to legally drink.) All of us have ‘count downs’ whether it’s a movie opening, exam, presentation, interview, graduation, wedding, celebration, competition, and endless tasks and deadlines.  We cross off calendar dates, cut off Christmas paper link chains, ask others to remind us, or program reminders onto phones. I even put a Harry Potter movie countdown on my phone. Countdowns into the future create suspense, anticipation, excitement, dread, and even fear.

Unless, you have a magical time turner you don’t have the power to switch to the past and future. Enjoy the present and try not to change the past or wonder about the future. You can’t control your past, but you can prepare for your future even if you can’t see it.