Foto Friday: Splish Splash

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George in the water

Kalaloch Beach, 2013

Weekly Quotation: Dr. Seuss

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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
– Dr. Seuss


Foto Friday: George the Gentle Giant

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This week is a special Foto Friday. My family’s dog, George, passed away this week. We called him ‘George the Gentle Giant’, since he was kind even though he was a large dog. He was a wonderful dog and will be missed. He’s now in a better place with no pain. I have many photos and great memories of our dog George.

Book Review: A Dog’s Journey

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A Dog’s Journey 

Written by W. Bruce Cameron
Published: May 8, 2012
Genre/Topics: Adult Fiction, Humorous, Animal Life
336 pages 

A Dog’s Journey is a direct sequel from A Dog’s Purpose that is written by the same author. You can read A Dog’s Journey first, but I suggest it adds more information and emotion if you read A Dog’s Purpose first. The book is entirely written from the dog’s viewpoint, so it’s often very humorous about why dogs behave a certain way. I won’t lie there are sad moments in the book that honestly made me cry, but there are many joyous moments as well. Here are some quotes from the dog that may make you wonder what exactly your dog is thinking, but it doesn’t wreck the story. ‘As far as I was concerned, having cookies so tantalizingly close to my nose without being given a treat of any kind was the big tragedy of the day’. ‘He would tell me to sit and then give me a wonderful treat, even though Sit was the easiest of tricks for a dog’. ‘It cannot be a dog’s purpose to understand what people want because it is impossible’. And I think this is the best quote: ‘I didn’t trust people who didn’t like dogs’. In this story, the dog protects a girl who often struggles in her life. The dog is always present and attempts to help whenever possible. Personally, I preferred A Dog’s Purpose but I enjoyed both. You’ll wonder what your dog is thinking and appreciate them even more.

A – Z Photo Challenge: X is for X-axis, XX Chromosomes, & Xmas

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I had a very difficult time finding things to fit the letter X. Finally, I looked into the dictionary and found just one page. So I needed to be creative.

X is for X-axis. This photo represents the horizontal lines of a basket.
X is for XX chromosomes, which is female. I took this photo of a woman at a park in China.
X is for Xmas, which means the Christmas holiday. This is a photo of my dog decorated in Xmas ribbons after we opened gifts. (Personally, I don’t use the Xmas expression.)


Click here for more X photos!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

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This week’s photo challenge is a little complex. (At least it seemed more complex to me.) The goal is to have two subjects in each photo. I went on a walk with my dog and took some photographs. I tried to keep an open mind for two subjects.

Here is a photo of a swing from a tree. You can't have one without the other.
Here is a photo of a flower-pot hanging from a lamppost. Unfortunately, the flowers died from last summer.
Here is a photo of a bench at a bus stop.
What dog can resist a fire hydrant?
Here's a little interaction with the fire hydrant.

Weekly Quote: Louise Rosenblatt

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Text is just ink on a page until a reader comes along and gives it life.

Louise Rosenblatt