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Book Review: Awesome Photicular Safari Book

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safariSafari: A Photicular Book 
Created by Dan Kainen
Written by Carol Kaufmann 
Published by Workman Publishing Company on September 25, 2012
Genre/Topics: Nonfiction, Safari, Photicular
Ages: Everyone!!!

Have you ever wished your book pages could come to life or be able to walk into the book? Safari almost feels as though you are visiting the safari and learning about different animals. This book is so awesome that you may not want to share it with others. Safari is a photicular or lenticular book where the image pages move when turned. Basically, image frames are sliced into strips to create one image that is slightly blurry. However, when the page turns it comes alive into a film-like motion. There is a brief introduction about the safari then you see eight African animals come alive. The book is also unique because when you turn each page you read it length-wise, so the entire top page provides information and the bottom page features the animal’s movement. You experience a gorilla eating, an elephant flapping its ears, a cheetah running, and more African animals. Just because this book contains moving pictures does NOT mean it can only be enjoyed by children. In fact, Safari was shelved in the nonfiction section at my library. Since the pages and images are complex I would watch young children to ensure they handle the book carefully. Safari is truly an awesome and unique book that you’ll keep turning the pages!