Cinco de Mayo

Book Review: Cinco de Mouse-o!

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Cinco de Mouse-o!

Written by Judy Cox
Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler 
Published February 1, 2010 by Holiday House
 Genre/Topics: Cinco de Mayo, Humorous 
Ages: 5+, 32 pages 

Mouse wakes up on the fifth of May to wonderful and delicious spicy smells. Mouse crawled out of his hole to try to find the smells. However, Mouse didn’t notice that Cat was also following him down the street. Mouse discovered that there were people eating, dancing, singing, and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. He notices a piñata shaped like a donkey in the neighborhood and wanted it for his fiesta. So, he climbs on the rope carefully like a tightrope walker and he can smell the sweets inside the piñata. However, Mouse flew in the air when the piñata burst opened. He eventually wakes up and everyone is gone including Cat. Mouse found one candy piece and ran home to his hole.

¡Happy Cinco de Mayo!