Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

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This week’s photo challenge is fleeting moment. What exactly is a fleeting moment? It is basically a candid snapshot  or public place. The Daily Post did a spotlight on street photography a few days ago which can be viewed here: street-photography. I attempted taking candid photos around my neighborhood, but I felt somewhat like a stalker. These are the fleeting moments I captured.

Children bike riding
A random woman walking into her apartment

I traveled to China a few years ago and captured many more fleeting moments, because I already looked out of place. It didn’t appear quite so odd to be taking photos of random activity.

A simple hair cut on the sidewalk
Street vendors
Men playing a game in a park
Random busy street action

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A – Z Photo Challenge: X is for X-axis, XX Chromosomes, & Xmas

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I had a very difficult time finding things to fit the letter X. Finally, I looked into the dictionary and found just one page. So I needed to be creative.

X is for X-axis. This photo represents the horizontal lines of a basket.
X is for XX chromosomes, which is female. I took this photo of a woman at a park in China.
X is for Xmas, which means the Christmas holiday. This is a photo of my dog decorated in Xmas ribbons after we opened gifts. (Personally, I don’t use the Xmas expression.)


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A – Z Photo Challenge: V is for Vegetables, Venture, View

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I’ve been a little busy, so it took me some time to figure out my V photos for the A – Z challenge. The only thing that came into my mind is a violin, yet I don’t play a violin. Finally, I looked in the dictionary for inspiration.

V is for Vegetables. It appears to be pumpkins and squash.
V is for Venture. I went on an exciting venture to the Great Wall of China.
V is for View. This is the view from my parent’s deck.
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A – Z Archive: U is for Underground, Underwear, & United States

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U is for underground.
U is for underwear.
U is for the United States of America.
Click here for more A-Z photos!

Join the fun for more “U” ideas, such as umbrella, upside down or underwear!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

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This week’s photo challenge is hands, however I haven’t taken any recent photos of my own hands. I searched through my China photos and discovered hands performing different tasks.

Hands carving jade.
Hands working jade.
Hands cutting hair on the street.
Hands playing a musical instrument.
Hands pouring tea.
Here is a photo of my hand after getting a Chinese manicure.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

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This week’s photo challenge is unfocused. I went through my photos, but I don’t have too many unfocused photos because normally unfocused photos are quickly deleted on my camera and never make it onto my computer. I decided to display similar photos from a previous challenge in August, but these photos are new. I went to a acrobat show in Beijing. The photos were a little unfocused, because the people moved so quickly. It was an amazing show!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

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This week’s photo challenge is unusual. Unusual can be anything that is not common or ordinary. I searched through my China photos again. I saw many unusual sites during my journey, however these sites may have appeared normal to people who live there.

This photo is of a huge eye chart on a building. I’m assuming the building is for eye care. 

This green bean pie from McDonald’s isn’t unusual to people who live in China, but I thought it was unusual. The treat didn’t taste very delicious to me.

I wasn’t sure if this was unusual art on the road or math equations.

I suppose the cute duck is an unusual way to show customers that the restaurant offers duck to eat.

This photo probably wouldn’t appear unusual to individuals who live in China, but I thought it was rather humorous how the undergarments were displayed. It was at a huge shopping center with everything.

Here is another photo at the shopping center. I thought the many mannequins were a little creepy. I especially liked the unusual rainbow wig mannequin.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

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This week’s photo challenge is contrast. A contrast by definition is to compare the unlikeness of two items. I took these photos while in Beijing, China. I was lucky to quickly capture the rainbow while in a taxi. The photo viewpoint may be similar, however the time of day and whether the rainbow lights are turned on make the views appear very different.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

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This week’s photo challenge is regret. I had difficulties with this topic. I scanned my photos and created a random sample from photos taken in China.

I took this photo at a local park in China. I’m not sure if the fire started on purpose, but I think if it’s not handled carefully someone may regret the outcome later.

This photo was taken at the same park. There were small birds inside these cages. I thought it was strange how cages hung in trees inside a public park. I’m sure these birds regret being locked up and wish they could fly freely.

This photo was taken near a temple. I thought the translation was funny. I’m sure if someone does scribble upon the temple and statues then they may later regret the punishment.

Where did I park my bike? No, none of the bikes are mine but I’m sure I’d have difficulties finding my bike and regret where I parked it. Bikes were parked everywhere like this.

Do you have an appetite for some corn ice cream? It sounded odd to me, so I took a small bite. I’m glad it was a small bite, because it tasted disgusting. I regret not buying another flavor.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Random

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Well, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this week’s photo challenge topic, but it still has not arrived. Unfortunately, waiting was already a challenge. I looked through my photos and decided to make this week’s topic random. When I was in China, I went to a huge store named ‘Happy Family’. There were many unique items.

Who doesn’t want a fancy gold decorated matching sink and toilet? I had a difficult time not laughing.

This is a photo of a rice cooker. There were many varieties of rice cookers. I think a little cat with their rice would cheer anyone.

Here is another unique rice cooker for the sports fan.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a space age shower? Oh no I have a phone call, but I’m taking a shower. It’s not a problem. I can also ‘carefully’ dance to music in the shower.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

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Here is the first weekly photo challenge for 2012. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t be continued, since there’s no longer a postaday/week 2011. These are not inspirational photos to launch you into the new year, instead the photos remind you to be cautious before you launch yourself into traffic. I took the photos while in Beijing and Shenyang. I honestly don’t think anyone followed traffic laws. I found myself closing my eyes at times.

People really know how to get around in a bike.

Add some wet snow and the traffic is even more fun.

I took this photo standing on a walkway bridge and saw a few accidents or close calls.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

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This week’s photo challenge is celebration. Of course, my first thought was to post various Christmas photos since it’s right in front of my eyes. I searched my China photos and found these mooncakes. Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival for lunar worship and moon watching around the middle of September. They are considered a delicacy with a thick paste inside and often a whole egg yolk to symbolize the full moon. There’s often Chinese characters on the top that may state the filling, the bakery name, moon symbols, and additional decorations. There were packages of mooncakes everywhere, so of course I had to buy and taste some. After several years, I’m surprised I still have the package wrappings. I couldn’t read Chinese, so I’m not sure what my mooncakes represent. I honestly didn’t like the taste. It was very dense and wasn’t sweet. If you read Chinese characters feel free to state what it means.

Weekly Quote: Brandon Mull

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An unread book does nobody any good. Stories happen in the mind of a reader, not among symbols printed on a page.

― Brandon Mull

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

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This week’s weekly photo challenge is wonder, which can have many interpretations. Here are some of my personal wonders that I’ve collected.

I wonder what makes the glacier look so blue.

I wonder what these people are thinking.

I wonder what’s down this tunnel.

I wonder what’s inside this box.