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Book Review: Cupcake

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Written and Illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper
Published January 18, 2010 by Hyperion Book CH
Ages: 5+, 32 pages 
Topics: Be Yourself 

Cupcake isn’t technically a birthday book, but everyone enjoys a delicious cupcake on their birthday. The book begins when Cupcake was born (baked in the oven) then went off to meet his brothers and sisters. He discovered he was in a bright cupcake family that included Chocolaty Chocolate Cupcake, Polka-Dot Cupcake, Rainbow-Sprinkles Cupcake, and more. However, nobody picked Vanilla Cupcake because he was just too plain and white. Cupcake began crying, but then Candle hopped over and explained that he also has a fancy family. Candle’s family members include Number Candle, Twisty Candle, Colored Candle, and more. Candle has the bright idea that Cupcake needs a special topping. So, Candle and Cupcake experiment with different toppings. A few topping suggestions are pickles, spaghetti, peas, and even a squirrel. Candle discovers a nut on Cupcake’s head from the squirrel and hops up to get it off. Finally, Candle is now Cupcake’s topping. However, they still don’t realize that they’re the perfect match and continue testing toppings tomorrow. Cupcake is very humorous as each Cupcake has personality and the comments between Vanilla Cupcake and Candle are cute. The book includes a delicious recipe for plain vanilla cupcakes.

This concludes my birthday book celebration. I hope you enjoyed these birthday books! Thank you for all your birthday wishes!

Day 8 Birthday Book Celebration!