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Book Review: Word Wizard – Anagram Fun

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Word Wizard

written and illustrated by Cathryn Falwell

Ages 4-7, 32 pages

While eating cereal for breakfast, Anna discovers that the cereal letters rearranged from DAWN into WAND just like magic. With her spoon she is now a word wizard and she can change the letters to form new words. She meets a boy who is lost and they begin an anagram adventure. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by reordering the letters from another word or phrase. Along their adventure, whenever they encounter troubles they use Anna’s word wand to rearrange letters. For example, the lost boy’s TEARS form a gentle STREAM that flows into an OCEAN but Anna uses her wand to rearrange into a CANOE. Word Wizard¬†is a fun adventure book that teaches a new word concept. The back provides creative ideas to learn anagrams.

Anagram Activities:

– Cut & collect letters from boxes, newspapers, advertisements, and magazines. Form words and glue onto paper.

– Use alphabet pasta and eat the words you make.

– Make letters from everything: buttons, twigs, vegetables, coins, rocks, etc.

– Play word scrabble to make new words.

Hidden Anagram Worksheets 

Anagram Puzzles