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Book Review: Pig on the Titanic

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Pig on the Titanic: A True Story 

Written by Gary Crew
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley 
Published March 1, 2005 by Harper Collins Publishers
Genre/Topics: Nonfiction, Titanic 
Ages: 7+, 32 pages 


This is a cute book from the perspective of a musical box-shaped like a pig named Maxixe. Maxixe’s owner was Miss Edith Rosenbaum who was a fashion buyer abroad the Titanic. Her mother bought the musical box as a good luck charm and to brighten her mood with music. The pig played the maxixe which was a popular dance during that time period. Miss Edith took Maxixe everywhere on the Titanic. When the Titanic hit the iceberg she held the pig close. She wasn’t going to get into a lifeboat until a sailor mistook her pig in a bundle for a baby and threw it into a lifeboat. Miss Edith jumped into the lifeboat. Maxixe helped brighten the children’s spirit in the lifeboat as they wound up the tail and listened to music.









Edith and her pig, Maxixe.