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Bookworm Pictures & Info

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I enjoy looking at the popular search engine terms that lead others to view my blog. The overwhelming search result during the past week related to bookworms. I only wrote one post that relates to a bookworm. So, I thought I’d provide additional books and information about bookworms. Today, I’m providing fun bookworm pictures and coloring pages to use. I’m also providing scientific information, prevention, and how to remove bookworms.

Bookworm Coloring Pages:

Bookworm 1

Bookworm 2

Bookworm 3

Bookworm 4

Bookworm 5

Bookworm Bookmark

Bookworm Reading Award

Scientific Information about bookworm insects:

Wikpedia Info

Simple Bookworm Info

How to Prevent & Kill Bookworms:

Bookworm Prevention & Identification

How to Kill Bookworms (insect not readers)

So fellow bookworms, find a delicious book to eat.

I am a bookworm. For play, I bury myself in the corners of libraries and read.”
– Robert Littell