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Sharing Sunday – Fireworks, Hot Air Balloons, Bookshops & More

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This week’s Sharing Sunday I focused upon photos and freshly pressed posts that I enjoyed.

Here are some very amazing photos across the United States taken from above in a plane. The photos are breathtaking. Aerial Photos Across the USA

I’ve tried taking firework photos, but it never seems to work. Here are some wonderful firework photos taken at a competition between China and France. This is a photography blog, so you’ll find additional photos to enjoy. Awesome Firework Photos

I’ve always wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride. This blog post highlights the Balloon Fiesta in  Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Photos

Here is a blog about one person’s attempt to visit every bookshop in London. London Bookshops

Are you confused about the many blogs about books? I found this blog that dedicates information about book blogs. It helps you narrow down your interest. You can also list your own blog.  book blogger directory

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Sharing Sunday – Dr. Seuss, Elephants, Yummy Books & More

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I wanted to start a new post idea that I got from other bloggers. I discover many unique, interesting, fun, beautiful, and informative blogs. These are some recent blogs or posts that I enjoyed.

I’ve read numerous posts on this blog. It has a little of everything from book reviews, humor, and daily life inspirations. This post creatively described how Dr. Seuss books that we read as children have a lot of wisdom for all ages. I got the sharing day idea from this blogger.  Life lessons from Dr. Seuss

If you’re searching for something bright each day then here is a very colorful blog. It highlights a vibrant photo each day. This photo has a unique look at ice cream. 365 days of colour

I really enjoyed this blog post and may highlight later on my blog. Elephants are my favorite animal and this blogger celebrated Elephant Appreciation Day. I never knew there was such a date. It has books and information about elephants. Elephant Appreciation Day

This post was freshly pressed, so many may have read it. It features a trip taken to New York City exploring children’s literature. I thought it was appropriate for my blog, since it relates with children’s books. children’s literature tour of New York

This blog is unique, because it’s not just a photography blog. It combines science elements and information behind the photos. This blogger has really explored the world. photo + science

This is a delicious blog that combines book reviews and food. She has a fun rating scale based upon the food she enjoys.  the very hungry bookworm

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