Black Friday

Thankful Thoughts: Sleep

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Today’s thankful thought is getting enough restful sleep. Today’s Black Friday and you won’t find me standing outside in the freezing temperatures at 4am to score a deal. Instead, you’ll find me sleeping in a warm bed. All the food yesterday made me extra drowsy. I’ve done the Black Friday crazy shopping day once and that was enough for me. So go ahead and ‘score’ your deal, I’ll see you when I awake.


Health Benefits of Sleep: 

– Improve Memory
– Avoid Accidents
– Improve Grades & Job Performance 
– Maintain Healthy Weight
– Sharpen Attention
– Lower Stress
– Decrease Anxiety & Depression 
– Positive Mood
– Spark Creativity 
– Keeps Your Heart Healthy
– Naps Freshen Your Day 
– Helps Your Body Make Repairs 
– May Prevent Cancer
– Hormone Production for Growth 
– Tissue Repair (Beauty Sleep) 
– Promotes Longevity 
Tips for Better Sleep: 
– Keep the bedroom quiet, cool, and dark. 
– Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol three to six hours of bedtime. 
– Avoid heavy meals three hours of bedtime. 
– Use bedroom only for sleep –  not for watching television, playing video games, office work, and other distractions. 
– Write a “worry list” or “to do” list before bed, so your mind is free to sleep. 
– Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but no later than three hours before lights out.
– Put work aside two to three hours before sleeping.
– Nap no later than 8 hours before bed.
– Drink warm milk or decaf tea before bed.
– Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day…even on the weekend.
– If you fail to fall asleep within 25 minutes then get out of bed and read something. 
– Make the bedroom pleasing with comfortable pillows, lavender, and clean 
– Pamper yourself with massage, meditation, soothing music, yoga, positive imagery, or  a warm bath.
– Dim lights two to three hours before bedtime and get out in bright sunshine when you awake. 
– Get a doctor’s advice about taking sleep medicine. 
– Consult a sleep specialist if you have difficulty sleeping. 
I think the world may be a tad happier if we all had a nap during the day and received enough sleep.