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A – Z Photo Challenge: Z is for Zipper

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This week A  – Z photo challenge is the letter Z. Previously, I provided numerous ideas for the letter. This week I decided to focus on one idea, zipper, but gave different photos for that idea.

Z is for zipper. This zipper is on the case for my Kindle.
Z is for zipper. This zipper is on my sweatshirt from my sister’s recent wedding. Each bridesmaid received their own sweatshirt.
Z is for zipper. This zipper is on my lime green rain jacket, which is used where I live – south of Seattle, Washington.
Z is for zipper. These zippers are on my bag with teaching supplies that I take to classrooms..
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A – Z Photo Challenge: Y is for Yellow & Yarn

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Y is for yellow. I’m sure many people will select yellow for Y, so I tried to find a pretty photo. I took this this photo at Pt. Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.
Y is for yarn. I’ve knitted with many of these colorful yarns.

A – Z Photo Challenge: X is for X-axis, XX Chromosomes, & Xmas

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I had a very difficult time finding things to fit the letter X. Finally, I looked into the dictionary and found just one page. So I needed to be creative.

X is for X-axis. This photo represents the horizontal lines of a basket.
X is for XX chromosomes, which is female. I took this photo of a woman at a park in China.
X is for Xmas, which means the Christmas holiday. This is a photo of my dog decorated in Xmas ribbons after we opened gifts. (Personally, I don’t use the Xmas expression.)


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A – Z Photo Challenge: W is for Waterfall, Wind Farm, & Waterfront

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W is for Waterfall. This photo was taken in Alaska.
W is for Wind Power Plant or wind farm for energy. This photo was taken during a drive across Washington State.
W is for waterfront.
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A – Z Photo Challenge: V is for Vegetables, Venture, View

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I’ve been a little busy, so it took me some time to figure out my V photos for the A – Z challenge. The only thing that came into my mind is a violin, yet I don’t play a violin. Finally, I looked in the dictionary for inspiration.

V is for Vegetables. It appears to be pumpkins and squash.
V is for Venture. I went on an exciting venture to the Great Wall of China.
V is for View. This is the view from my parent’s deck.
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A – Z Archive: U is for Underground, Underwear, & United States

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U is for underground.
U is for underwear.
U is for the United States of America.
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Join the fun for more “U” ideas, such as umbrella, upside down or underwear!

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A – Z Archive: T is for Tulips, Turtles, & the Tacoma Dome

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T is for tulips.
T is for turtles.
T is for the Tacoma Dome.
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Join the fun with any “T” photo idea, such as the tightrope, tango, or toes!

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A – Z Archive: S is for Sailboats & Seaweed

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I’ve been waiting and waiting for the new photo challenge from wordpress, but nothing has been posted. I decided to participate in the A – Z Archive Photo Challenge. It’s wonderful, because I pick what the photo topic will be. Today was a beautiful sunny day and I spent it at Pt. Defiance Park taking photos and reading. You can join the A-Z photo challenge with any “S” idea, such as sunflowers, snails, sun, snow, seagulls, or anything else you can think of. Normally, I’ll post the new photo on Tuesday.

S is for sailboats.
S is for seaweed & the shore.


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