Do You Doodle?

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Do you pick your pen/pencil/marker/crayon then grab any nearby paper to just quickly doodle? I know I do. It might be on ‘junk’ mail, receipts, newspapers, post-its, envelopes, or even personal stationery. What exactly do your doodles look like? (I’m talking about drawing people.)

I’m half way between thinking and not thinking as my hand glides across the page creating different doodles. My doodles usually look like shapes or flowers. Perhaps I just write my name in different scrolls or prints.

Can you doodle without a pen? I think it’s a little different, but the mindless action can still take place. You can add lines, shapes, colors, and different fonts to doodle on your computer.

Everyone’s mindless doodles are slightly different. What do you do during a mental break between thinking and not thinking? Those ‘doodle moments’ can spark your next project or interest. So go ahead and grab that pen and paper to doodle away!

Caroline Rambles: Toothpaste & Cough Syrup

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If you know me, you know I have many random thoughts that I share. Although, for some reason people don’t like when I share these important thoughts. Perhaps you’ll find them humorous.

So I’ve recently been a little sick and this morning I woke with a terrible cough. It was time for some medicine. I opened the medicine cabinet to many overwhelming choices. I decided on just a basic cough medicine that supposedly tasted like pineapple. It didn’t. Unfortunately, I used all the portion and wouldn’t have enough in 4-6 hours. I went on a trip to my local Target for other items too.

Before I could travel down the sick aisle, I needed to buy more toothpaste. It always amazes me that there’s a whole aisle dedicated to just toothpaste! Do I want extra whitening, cavity protection, fresh breath, foaming sensation, or a sensitive choice? One item caught my eye: ‘Be Adventurous’. I’ve recently become slightly more adventurous. (I just enjoyed a delicious hummus sandwich.) So I picked up this ‘adventurous’ toothpaste to discover a new flavor: chocolate mint. Yes, you heard correctly, chocolate mint. Now, I’m a chocolate lover but I’m not sure it belongs in my toothpaste. However, there’s still a fresh mint taste. I decided it was too adventurous. Finally, price won the battle decision. I bought a two pack for the price of one with all the perks. Score! Now off to get my cough syrup.

Another aisle dedicated to wellness. I can understand, because there’s so many different sicknesses. I found cough syrups, but was faced with more decisions. What kind of cough do I have? Does anywhere else hurt? Is there also mucus when I cough? I almost hope I cough at that moment to help decide which is best. I then pick up bottles to compare ingredients (drugs?) as though I’m a doctor. Ah, this one has this drug but if I’m in pain I need this drug too. Hmm, too many decisions. I then notice the ‘flavors’. There’s cherry, orange, tropical, and original. ‘Original’ flavor scares me. Does it mean the original gross flavor to make me more sick? The great news is that many are gluten free. I never even knew gluten was an issue in medicines. I finally decided I have a slight headache and stuffy nose so I went with the cold/cough. Oh, I hope I picked the right choice. I guess I’ll find out soon.

I hope my rambling thoughts didn’t annoy or bore you too much. I’m off to drink liquids and rest.

*Update: The original flavor does indeed make you feel more sick.

Bookworm Pictures & Info

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I enjoy looking at the popular search engine terms that lead others to view my blog. The overwhelming search result during the past week related to bookworms. I only wrote one post that relates to a bookworm. So, I thought I’d provide additional books and information about bookworms. Today, I’m providing fun bookworm pictures and coloring pages to use. I’m also providing scientific information, prevention, and how to remove bookworms.

Bookworm Coloring Pages:

Bookworm 1

Bookworm 2

Bookworm 3

Bookworm 4

Bookworm 5

Bookworm Bookmark

Bookworm Reading Award

Scientific Information about bookworm insects:

Wikpedia Info

Simple Bookworm Info

How to Prevent & Kill Bookworms:

Bookworm Prevention & Identification

How to Kill Bookworms (insect not readers)

So fellow bookworms, find a delicious book to eat.

I am a bookworm. For play, I bury myself in the corners of libraries and read.”
– Robert Littell

Sour Patch Kid vs. Gummi Bear

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I destroyed some of my taste buds while eating sour patch kids. You know the candy that begins tart and sour then changes to sweetness. (Of course, you also can’t forget the annoying commercials with the weird sour patch kids who are ‘sour’ to begin with then their behavior turns ‘sweet’ at the end.) Sure it wasn’t a terrible taste or too unpleasant, but it took awhile before I tasted the sweet taste. Finally, I felt happiness when my taste buds were relieved and I tasted the sweetness. I love gummi bears, so it made me think about how those candies compare to life.

Are you more of a sour patch kid who’s ready for challenges (tartness) to then enjoy pure pleasures (sweetness) in life? Or are you always a gummi bear who doesn’t feel the desire to boldly face challenges and instead are already satisfied with the present circumstances? At times, roles need to be adjusted. Sour patch kids may need to step back to enjoy life now instead of striving forward. Gummi bears may need to taste the tartness and prepare for struggles. Of course, the bag  mixes and we’re both sour patch kids and gummi bears whether we like it or not. So, which do you identify yourself more: someone ready to conquer the tartness or someone who loves the soft sweetness now? Explore the full range of  ‘taste’ in life: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour.

If you’re always a sour patch kid, don’t worry taste buds grow back in about 10 days. It’s a misconception that each taste is in a separate region of the tongue. Ah, perhaps our ‘tastes’ in life mingle together with challenges and pleasures at the same time. Here’s more information about the fascination of taste buds:









Breaking Dawn Invitation

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I knew the day would come that sooner or later I’d post about the Twilight series. Let me start by saying that I’m not a ‘Twihard’. Yes, I’m a fan of the ‘other’ group that’s too often compared with Twilight which is the Harry Potter group. The difference between the two is another post. However, those Twihards should know that I read the entire series. As a teacher, I’m glad I did since a third grader really shouldn’t be reading the final book. However, I’m not going to forbid a student from reading it.

I’m a fan of fandango, which is a movie website that provides movie information, previews, and movie sale tickets. I buy most of my tickets through fandango, since I can print the tickets at home. Well, I opened my email and saw a fandango invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding. I suppose if you’re a Twihard this is exciting news, but I thought it was a little humorous. Yes, that’s exactly my type of wedding. I love a wedding where the bride agrees to marriage in exchange for more intimacy and to become a vampire. That could be a fun first kiss as husband and wife. (Yes, I know the bite doesn’t occur then.) Perhaps Jacob will attend and object to the marriage between a senior citizen vampire that sparkles and a girl who dreams to have ‘fangs’. I wonder if there will even be wedding cake, since vampires don’t eat. Oh, I forgot they’re ‘vegetarians’. Of course, one line they’ll have to change: ‘As long as you both shall live‘. Hmm, there may be a problem if both will soon be dead. So, I guess until another gorgeous vampire that sparkles more than Edward flashes near they are stuck with each other. Can you imagine divorce court between vampires? Drama is good, so I need to decide how to check my response card to attend or not.

Click on the invitation and it will take you to Twilight’s homepage on fandango. If you’re a Twihard this is old news.

Do I want to be a bookworm?

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I thought of the word ‘bookworm’ with affection. I mean worms aren’t very harmful and tag along the word book and it should be cute. I was curious about the word’s origin. Well, the exact origin wasn’t clear but I thought the results were interesting. Normally, when definitions are given in a dictionary the first entry is most commonly used followed by other definitions. It was the order that I thought was funny. Bookworm is basically used in two definitions: a reader and an insect that feeds off book paste.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary:


  1. any of a number of insects or insect larvae that harm books by feeding on the binding, paste, etc.
  2. a person who spends much time reading or studying

American Heritage Dictionary:


  1. One who spends much time reading or studying.
  2. Any of various insects, especially booklice and silverfish, that infest books and feed on the paste in the bindings.

Both dictionaries provide two definitions for the word bookworm, but the order is different. Which defines bookworm better as a reader or an insect that eats books? I suppose you could look at it that a bookworm is a reader who devours and eats books as though they were dessert. Luckily, the term bookworm used as a person who enjoys reading doesn’t destroy books. There isn’t exactly one type of  ‘bookworm’  insect, instead it is various insects that eat the book’s glue which ultimately wreck them. Here is information about the bookworm as an insect:

I am a bookworm. For play, I bury myself in the corners of libraries and read.
– Robert Littell

Bookworm Pictures & Coloring Pages