Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured2

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Here’s a take 2 for the weekly photo challenge: texture. These photos were taken while riding in a helicopter over Alaska. The snow crevices make it appear almost rough.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

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We’ll see some very creative photos for this week’s photo challenge: textured. I wanted to use these frost photos and never had the chance to share. I took these from inside of my car when the ice made beautiful frost designs. It was very cold. Hopefully, this can be categorized as a form of  texture.

Quote: A book is somebody’s friend

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In the shop we buy and sell them, but in truth books have no owner. Every book you see here has been somebody’s best friend.

– Carlos Ruiz Zafon (The Shadow of the Wind)

Whenever I’m stuck on something to write I look to my quotations for inspiration. I absolutely loved The Shadow of the Wind that I read earlier this year. (There’s a reason it’s the top of my book recommendations.) It’s a book lover’s book with the mysteries inside each book. It almost seems like a crazy idea for a book to be somebody’s best friend, but ponder it for a moment. Walk into any used bookstore, library, or even a garage sale and you’ll find books that they have been loved at sometime in their life. I’m not including books from brand new stores, since they haven’t had time to live. I get excited about those books with the wrinkled edges and slightly worn pages. Where has this book been? Who has been its friend? Perhaps the book’s friend curled up reading in bed, another friend may have had a tissue box nearby, another friend wore out the book stroking its spine, another friend constantly carried it to read at a moment’s notice, or another friend read aloud for all to hear its message. The book changed hands and had a different significance and meaning to others. This is true for all books, since we have various preferences and each book means something new. A well-loved book gains endless friends whenever it is passed onto others.  I know when I finish a good book it feels as though I’ve lost a friend, however perhaps I’ll now examine that for a small moment my life was part of the book’s life. What books have been your good friend?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

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At first I had difficulties with this week’s photo challenge, since the first idea is a path in the woods. I thought of my trip to China and exploring the Great Wall of China.

This was a steep, bumpy, and unlevel path of stairs leading to the Great Wall.

Dreams through spider webs

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I saw this spider’s web in my backyard and this photo doesn’t fully capture it. The sunlight shined directly through and almost glistened. I was reminded of a chorus from a camp song, ‘Spider’s Web’. The entire song is on the link below.


There’s a web like a spider’s web
Made of silver light and shadows
Spun by the moon in my room at night
It’s a web made to catch a dream
Hold it tight ’til I awaken
As if to tell me my dream is all right

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

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I look forward to the weekly photo challenge. This week I had a difficult time deciding which beautiful flowers to post.I tried picking unique flowers. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of these flowers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

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Okay, I know this may be cheating but I couldn’t decide which photo to include for this week’s photo challenge. Each photo was taken during my trip to China five years ago. I’ve only ‘entered’ through one.

A church entrance that I thought was pretty in Shenyang, China.

Perhaps this photo isn’t exactly an entrance, since it’s clearly locked and guarded. This is the only entrance that I’ve entered during legal hours of course. I taught English through these doors.

Finally, here is an entrance that is wide open. I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t remember where this photo was taken except that it was a ruin in Shenyang, China. Even though it’s wide open, the public wasn’t encouraged to enter.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

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Mountain range in Alaska