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2013 Blog & Personal Resolutions

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I was away for about a month due to being busy at work. I can honestly say that I missed sharing information, receiving feedback, and reading all your great posts. I was also away because when I thought about writing a book review it sometimes made me tired before I even started. So I thought I’d mix it a bit and try to write differently. I’m attempting to make my resolutions realistic.

Blog Resolutions:

  • Maintain quotes and photo challenges.
  • Write at least one children’s book a week. I’m also going to introduce wordless picture book reviews.
  • Write about one general adult book review every two weeks. These book reviews are going to include three descriptive words and a brief summary (about 5 sentences). I’ll be honest, I’m much more likely to read a short review than a long novel review. Hopefully, the descriptive words and shortness will make it more fun.
  • Visit at least 2 blogs a week and provide comments to maintain community involvement.

Personal Resolutions:

  • Continue attending bookclubs. 
  • Attend at least one social event every two weeks.
  • Read 25 books and journal each. (Any book suggestions?)
  • Maintain an organized and clean environment.
  • Walk the dog daily for 20 minutes.
  • Become more proactive with full time teaching job search.
  • Maintain a personal journal with either writing or photos.

I hope 2013 brings you joy and your resolutions last through at least January!