Meet & Greet with Author Jenny Milchman

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Today, I had the pleasure to meet Jenny Milchman for a book signing at Seattle Mystery Bookstore. Milchman is currently promoting her new book, Ruin Falls.  Her previous book, Cover of Snow, won the 2013 Mary Higgins Clark Award for best suspense novel of the year. She’s on an ambitious five month book signing tour travelling from the East to West Coast: 110 cities in 120 days! Yes, you read correctly 110 cities in 120 days! Milchman travels with her supportive family while editing her writing and schooling her two children. She’s a positive person who’s excited to discuss anything about books. Milchman also helped create Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. I can tell her influence onto her children as I overheard her state: “You can pick just one book today.” I can only imagine the huge book collection these children have with their mother as an author. As we conversed, she stated that her family turned off the television a year ago and hasn’t turned it on since. The love of reading must be felt in that home!  I’ve never stepped into a mystery store but I highly enjoyed my visit to the Seattle Mystery Bookstore as the we all openly discussed books and Milchman’s book success. It was a pleasure meeting such a warm person today!



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