How Santa Got & Lost His Job

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How Santa Got His Job

By Stephen Krensky, illustrated by S.D. Schindler

Ages 5 & up, 32 pages

Have you ever wondered how exactly Santa found his perfect job? His first job was a chimney cleaner, but nobody believed he did a good job since he never got dirty. He tried his luck at delivering the mail, but nobody enjoyed getting their mail late at night. He worked at a zoo and knew when the animals were awake or sleeping, but became too attached to the reindeer. Santa and the reindeer joined the circus, but he was having too much fun getting shot from a canon. Finally, Santa stumbled onto the perfect job when he met some elves. They made wonderful toys, but it was too difficult to deliver all the toys. Santa and his reindeer are up for this challenge in this delightful book that will surely make you smile.

How Santa Lost His Job

By Stephen Krensky, illustrated by S.D. Schindler

Ages 5 & up, 32 pages

Santa has his own system before getting ready on his big night. He checks the weather, carefully packs the sleigh, and feeds the reindeer. However, the elves believe that Santa is too slow and needs a better plan. So, one elf builds a replacement for Santa, which is machine called the Deliverator. Santa states that there’s more to his job, but trusts the elves since they make the toys. The elves have a contest between Santa and the Deliverator to determine which is faster and more productive. Santa and the Deliverator race to get ready, sort through the presents, and deliver presents down the chimney. Santa lost the contest, since he stops to eat the cookies and takes a long bubble bath before getting ready. However, situations occur when the elves need Santa to help save the busy night.

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