Book Review: A Plump and Perky Turkey

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A Plump and Perky Turkey 

by Teresa Bateman, illustrated by Jeff Shelly

Ages 5-8, 32 pages


Thanksgiving is approaching and Squawk Valley has a terrible problem, there’s no turkey. Everyone agrees that what they need is a plump and perky turkey, but all the turkeys near town have gotten smarter and leave when autumn arrives. So, Ebenezer Beezer has a plan that the turkey will find them instead at a turkey art show. They post papers in the forest that the town desires a plump and perky turkey to model for the show. Pete, the turkey, applies and models as townspeople create turkeys from clay, oatmeal, soap, and more. Pete picked the the winner, but then disappeared. All the turkey art made a camouflage to leave. He ate the oatmeal as his modeling fee. The townspeople in Squawk Valley learn a lesson and enjoy Thanksgiving with no turkey. I thought this was a delightful and funny book that is written in rhyme. You’ll be cheering for the turkey that got away.

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