Book Review: Spork

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by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Ages 4-7, 32 pages

Who doesn’t love a spork? It’s a mix between a spoon and fork, but sadly it’s often not used. This is the story of Spork whose parents are a fork and a spoon. There are rules in the kitchen and forks normally stick with forks and spoons stick with spoons. However, there are unique families such as a fork who marries a tong. Spork feels out of place, so he decides to pick just one thing. He changes his appearance to look more like a spoon, but the forks thought he was still too round. And he adds a crown to be more forkish, but the spoons think he’s too pointy. Spork now thinks of other utensils that are alone, such as the pizza cutter or cheese slicer. He wishes he could soak in the bubbles in the sink. However, there’s a messy situation that needs a bit of both a fork and spoon to clean up the slurpy mess and food bits. Finally, Spork has a spot at the table.

Spork is a simple and fun story that can introduce a discussion about diversity and appreciate how each person is unique.




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