Book Review: My Mouth is a Volcano

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My Mouth is a Volcano!

by Julia Cook, illustrated by Carrie Hartman

Ages 4-6, 32 pages

Louis has a lot to say and thinks his words are very important, however he doesn’t know how to control himself and the words ‘erupt’ from his mouth at inappropriate moments. He’s not patient to raise his hand in class and blurts out all thoughts. Whenever someone has a story to share, Louis remembers a similar event and shouts for everyone to hear about his experience. However, Louis isn’t pleased when people interrupt him on his special student day. His mom explains that sometimes you need to hold your breath and wait to share your important words. My Mouth is a Volcano is a great book for younger ages to learn the importance of taking turns talking and being respectful when others talk.

When other people talk, words jut pop into my head. Then they slide down onto my tongue. My tummy starts to rumble, and then it starts to grumble. My tongue pushes all of my important words up against my teeth, and then…I Erupt! Words just explode out of my mouth. My mouth is a volcano!

– Julia Cook (My Mouth is a Volcano!)



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